IT Specialist

Benoît Leroux
55 Grande Rue
52300 Fronville, France
Phone: +33 (0) 601 901 393
Date of birth: 09/12/1971
Nationality: French


Since 2007 - Independent IT specialist

    Services for companies
    • Design of communication materials
      (Website, CD-ROM, brochures, catalogs)
    • Advice and installation of computer systems
    • Backup and data migration
    • Maintenance of computers
    • Troubleshooting hardware and software
    • Software installation and user training
    • Implementation of troubleshooting procedures
    Services to individuals
    • Advice and sale of computer equipment
    • Network installation, ADSL, WiFi
    • Protection and data recovery
    • Troubleshooting and installation hardware / software
    • Internet training and office

July to December 2006 - IT / Webmaster

2005-2006 - Independent Webmaster

2001-2005 - System Administrator

    Adhoc Solutions (Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium)
    • Network administration (NT / RedHat)
    • Responsible and development (ASP) of GeoChooser and GeOptimum projects
    • Training and troubleshooting for users
    • Internal programming tools (intranet, pdfMerge, TimeSheet, etc.) and geocoding VB / ASP and JSP
    • Responsible for ERP / CRM Selligent and development of scripted tools
    • Management data warehouse (Oracle Spatial, PostgreSQL under RedHat)

1999-2000 - IT Expert

    Mutualité Social Agricole de l\'Aisne (Laon, France)
    • Deploying Windows NT Workstation on over 200 PC Novell environment
    • Installing the Intranet server (NT / Apache) and creation of site MSA02
    • Creating a software park management and implementation of a document management Intranet (ASP)
    • Application Mutualia: client management and quotes creation tool (WinDev)
    • Troubleshooting of first and second level
    • Archiving spool editions in the product Laser Disk System

1998-1999 - Teacher in Computer Sciences / Accounting

    Centre de Formation Continue du Lycée Pierre Méchain (Laon, France)
    • Course about micro-computers, office, accounting
    • Introduction to programming languages (algorithmic, Pascal language)
    • Writing course materials (Microsoft Office 97, introduction to algorithms)

1997-1998 - Head of IT

    Société Métallurgique Haut-Marnaise (Joinville, France)
    • System administration, NT network and Pick / Universe database
    • Analysis and programming of the Year 2000 and the EURO
    • Computerization of the company and park management (20 PC)
    • Programming the administrative and commercial system in Universe

1996-1997 - Programmer

    Base Aérienne 113 (Saint-Dizier, France)
    • Troubleshooting hardware
    • Software installation and user training
    • Implementation of troubleshooting procedures

1996 - Programmer Trainee

    EPIX Inc. (Montreal, Quebec)
    • Automation of testing procedures for the technical support of quality control department
    • Programming in Visual Basic

1995-1996 - Programmer and Customer care

    IDEE Informatique (Bédarrides, France)
    • Network installation for notarial customers
    • Building and troubleshooting PC

1992-1993 - Programmer Analyst and IT Manager

    Société Métallurgique Haut-Marnaise (Joinville, France)

Education and training


Courses and additional training

  • December 2004: Training (JSP JDBC, Servlet)
  • March 2002: Accelerated Training Java (JSP, J2SE)

Skills and Knowledge

Computer Knowledge

  • Web technologies: HTML5, CSS, Ajax, Java, PHP, ASP, ASP.Net, FPDF, PHP templates
  • Programming languages: PHP, Javascript, Visual Basic, Delphi, C++, WinDev, C#
  • DBMS: Oracle, UniVerse (PICK), Informix, Access, PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • IP technologies: VPN, Cisco router and FireWall
  • System administration: NT/2003, Novell, Unix, Linux
  • Network Management: Novell NetWare, Microsoft
  • Geographic Information Systems: PC-Raster, MapInfo, GeoConcept GCIS, jjfMapper

Language skills

  • French: mother tongue
  • English: good
  • Dutch: still learning