Communicative Scientist

Personal data

Eva Kamphorst, PhD
55 Grande Rue
52300 Fronville, France
Tel: +33 (0) 601 901 393
Date of birth: 08/09/1972
Nationality: Dutch


  • Sustainable development – societal transition to reach sustainability
  • Land use – scenarios of future agricultural maps in relation to urban, forest and protected areas
  • Geography – physical aspects (in depth) and human aspects (basics)
  • Agronomy – soil erosion and crop growth modelling
  • Climate change – impact study on land use
  • Modelling – e.g. soil erosion (statistical), crop growth (deterministic), farm economic optimization (linear programming), integrated models


Since 2008  Communication Manager (short missions)

    (Beneva, Fronville, France)
    • Communication consulting/expertise
    • Edition of electronic newsletters
    • Webmastering
    • Layout of documents
    • Translations

2005-2007 - Communication & project manager

    (Dutch Research Institute For Transitions (DRIFT), Faculty of Social Sciences, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands)
    • Design, realisation and supervision of multimedia documents including web sites, newsletters, flyers, brochures, posters and videos
    • Contribution to the elaboration of a communication strategy to vulgarise science
    • Writing of articles in newsletters, magazines and web sites


2001-2003 - Project co-ordination

    (UCL, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium)
    Full project lead of European project with 5 Central and Eastern European partners (ACCELCEEC), and co-manager of an international project with 8 partners (ACCELERATES) including tasks like:
    • Chair and organize project meetings
    • Prepare meeting agendas
    • Write reports (scientific/financial/administrative)
    • Run internal communication
    • Maintain stakeholder dialogue
    • Administer web site (
    • Supervise PhD student


2001-2003 - Post-doc researcher in Geography

    (UCL, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium)
    EC Project: Assessing climate change effects on land use change and ecosystems: from regional analysis to the European scale (ACCELERATES)
    • Integration of “crop growth” and “economic farm decision” models
    • Development of socio-economic change scenarios
    • Analysis of agricultural land use change across Europe based on model results
    • Identification of vulnerable zones
    • Co-ordination of EC project with 8 (EU) + 5 (future EU) partners
    • Presentation of the project at workshops and conferences
    • Collaboration with other projects on land use
    • Article review for CATENA

1997-2000 - PhD in Agronomy, honours: with great distinction

    (INRA, Laon & INA-PG, Paris; France)
    Subject: “Relation between soil roughness and surface depression storage”
    • Assessment of importance of depression storage using soil erosion models
    • Validation of existing empirical relationships
    • Simulation of 3D surfaces from 2D height profiles
    • Elaboration of method to create an impermeable copy of a soil surface
    • Use of new laser roughness meter to measure heights
    • Synthesis of roughness data from European project on runoff
    • Valorisation of results in European project
    • Publications in Soil Science Society of America Journal and CATENA


2001 - Post-graduate training course: Socio-economic impact of climate change

    (Abdus Salam ICTP, Italy)
    • Basic concepts of environmental economics
    • Methodology of impact studies

1998 - Post-graduate training course: scientific English writing

    (INA-PG, France)
    • Heuristic method to structure ideas (mind map)
    • Guidelines for authors and editors
    • Advanced English course

1996 - Instructor - First trimester of 1-year course to become first grade instructor in geography

    (IVLOS, Utrecht University, the Netherlands)

1993-1994 - Student representative (elected) at the board of Faculty of Geographical Sciences

    (Utrecht University, the Netherlands)

1990-1996 - MSc in Physical Geography, honours: with distinction

    (Utrecht University, the Netherlands)
    • Basics of earth science, modelling techniques, scale issues, GIS
    • Specialization “Mass movements in sloping regions”
    • Field work “Erosion risk in French Alps”
    • Research internship “Soil roughness evolution with rain”


  • 2002 - Participation in international course on modelling (MODLUC) for post-graduates (UCL) - English
  • 2002 - Several courses given on land use change to students in Geography (UCL) - French
  • 2002 - Participation in international course on impact evaluation for African land managers/public officers (Namur) - French
  • 2001 - Introductory course on GIS for members of the Internat. Assoc. Rurality Environment Development (RED) (Bertrix) - French
  • 1998 - Course on how to prepare a PhD for last year students in Agronomy (INA-PG) - French
  • 1996 - 30 hours of geography, to classes of 30 children aged 12-18 years, at 2 high schools comprising different education levels - Dutch
  • 1992-1994 - Mathematics courses for 1st year students in Physical Geography during 3 subsequent years - Dutch


  • Software: MS Office, dBase, Statistica, SPSS, Splus, ArcGIS, PCRaster, Dreamweaver
  • Operating systems: MSDOS, Windows, Unix
  • Programming: QuickBasic


  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish



  • Above-average sense of responsibility
  • Strong conceptual thinking
  • Quick learning
  • Goal oriented
  • Demanding of myself and colleagues
  • Social sensitivity
  • Communication skills
  • Creativity
  • Organizational capacity
  • Integrity


  • Anything that contributes to the conservation of our planet and its resources (soil, water, air, biodiversity, agriculture, energy)
  • Nature
  • Sustainable development
  • Environmental science
  • Transmit knowledge in the before-mentioned fields and in (m)any language(s)
  • Eager to learn
  • Do team work
  • Avoid monotonous work


  • Horseback riding (Western)